A thermal camera provides high-precision production flow

Using a thermal camera makes use of the fact that every body emits electromagnetic waves above an absolute temperature of zero.

Such a camera uses its integrated infrared detector to record the intensity and distribution of a certain spectrum of this electromagnetic radiation. The thermal camera is set up close to process it is controlling in order to immediately detect and rectify deviations from the parameters defined for this process. InfraTec provides such solutions for process monitoring and quality control as well as for research and development.

These cameras can be optimally adjusted to their place of installation using special lenses, protective casings or even pan-tilt heads. InfraTec provides for automatic infrared thermography with its very flexible configurable modular system INDUS-SCAN. Thereby the camera can also be equipped with an air-core coil and protective casing so that it can withstand tough industrial conditions.

Overview of all thermal camera models

Other possible applications of the thermal camera

Thermal camera VarioCAM high resolution

InfraTec´s thermographic solutions are used for early fire detection in large-scale plants with particularly fire hazardous materials. The early fire detection system, WASTE-SCAN, was specifically designed for the automatic monitoring of waste in waste bunkers of incineration plants but it can be applied in many other areas with similar conditions – controlling valuable goods or hazardous environments.

As vehicle and human heat emissions indicate possible trespassing particularly in the dark InfraTec’s IROD solution provides you with a system which independently monitors open spaces and railing sections, recording results and setting off an alarm when necessary. However, our thermal cameras are not only for stationary use - we also have a wide range of portable thermal cameras to provide you with the best possible measurement technology!