Thermovision indicates minimal deviations from the norm

With the help of thermovision the distribution of an object’s temperature also becomes visible to the human eye.

This measurement and displaying technology therefore is suitable for non-contact monitoring and controlling of processes which involve heat treatment of thermally sensitive components. InfraTec sells thermographic cameras for quality assurance, process monitoring or building inspections. Our range of thermographic cameras VarioCAM ® high resolution is convincing with its pin sharp images and reliable measuring results for stationary and portable use. Stationary cameras are connected to a control and analysis unit which logs the processes being monitored and can also warn against deviations from predefined parameters.

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Thermovision - ABS brake test

Thermography plays a great role in the area of quality control, especially in the manufacturing of electronic and electro-mechanic components. Images from infrared cameras can reliably show faults in objects being inspected as well as deviations from any product quality standard. Our cameras are also used to inspect solar cells. An increase in temperature then is shown in faulty areas using light modulated Lock-In-Thermography and made visible with thermovision.

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