Infrared camera compactIR 400 from InfraTec
  • Icon Detector 384x288
    Detector Format

    High resolution thermal images for temperature measurement

  • InfraTec-icon-5-zoll-display
    High-resolution 5" TFT Display

    Representation of the images in native resolution; 180° rotatable and 270° revolvable, daylight suited

  • InfraTec-icon-ip54
    Protection Degree

    Constant excellent optical and metrological performance even in harsh industrial environments

  • InfraTec-icon-therm-45mK
    Thermal Resolution

    Precise detection of smallest temperature differences

  • Easy Handling

    The handheld compactIR 400 thermographic camera extends the segment of the entry level cameras by a unique detector format of (384 × 288) IR pixels. The geometrical resolution exceeds those of cameras with standard formats by 1.6 times and means less work for users during the measurements. Apart from the detector format, the thermal resolution also achieves a level that stands out among cameras of this performance class. Temperature differences of 0.045 K can be detected reliably. 

  • Simple and Convenient Operation

    You can see how easily the compactIR 400 can be operated, for example, when taking overhead thermal images or when inspecting objects that are difficult to access. The lens unit can be tilted up to 70° and thus simplifies work considerably when inconvenient angles impair the perfect shot of a subject. If you want to see whether your shot was successful, this is indicated by the 5" colour TFT display with (1,280 × 720) pixels, which also serves as a touchscreen and is rotable up to 180° and revolvable up to 270°. Thanks to this flexibility, the camera is ideally suited for use in the maintenance of mechanical and electrical installations and in building thermography.

  • Data Evaluation

    The analysis and evaluation of measurement results can be carried out just as conveniently. Users, for example, can generate reports in PDF format already on the camera, transfer them to a printer via a WLAN interface and print them out immediately. The thermographic IRBIS® 3 software family developed by InfraTec is suitable for more detailed inspections.

Technical Specifications

Spectral range (8 … 14) µm
Pitch 25 µm
Detector Uncooled Microbolometer Focal Plane Array
Detector format (IR pixels) (384 × 288)
Temperature measuring range (-20 … 800) °C, to 2,000 °C*
Measurement accuracy ± 2 °C or ± 2 %
Temperature resolution @ 30 °C 0.045 K
Frame rate 60 Hz, 9 Hz*
Storage media SDHC Card, 12 GB internal memory
Realtime storage Yes: recording non radiometric thermal images (MPEG)
Focus Motor-driven, manual, autofocus
Zoom Up to 4×
Digital colour video camera 5 Megapixels
Interfaces Micro-USB, Mini-HDMI, WLAN
Tripod adapter 1/4" photo thread
Power supply AC adapter, Lithium-Ion battery
Integrated microphone and speaker Yes
Laser range finder* Yes
Display 5" colour TFT display (1,280 × 720) pixels, 180° rotatable and 270° revolvable, touchscreen
Colour viewfinder* (1,280 × 960) pixels
Single-handed operation Yes
Storage and operation temperature (-40 … 70) °C, (-15 … 50) °C
Protection degree IP54
Impact strength/vibration resistance in operation 25 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 29), 2 G (IEC 68 - 2 - 6)
Dimensions; weight (144 × 206 × 113) mm; 1.15 kg without Lithium-Ion battery
Automatic functions Autofocus, temperature level and temperature range, alarm: visual and acoustic
Measurement functions Global hot / cold spot display, center spot, 5 free choosable, movable measurement fields (line, rectangle, circle, ellipse)
Further functions WLAN remote control, transmission of live images, internal report generator
Analysis and evaluation software* IRBIS® 3
Depending on model
Dimensions of the compactIR

Field of View Calculator

Check the geometrical resolution of our infrared cameras for your application.

Each measurement or testing task has its own characteristic basic conditions. For getting optimal results camera, detector and lens have to be perfectly matched to one another. The field of view calculator helps you to determine the appropriate combination.

Field of View Calculator of the mobileIR

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Industries & Applications for this Infrared Camera

  • thermal imaging in aviation
    Aerospace Industry

    Aerospace Industry

    Comply with highest security demands by applying state-of-the-art infrared camera systems.

  • thermal imaging for automotive applications
    Automotive Industry

    Automotive Industry

    Infrared camera systems help you to secure a high product quality in production and at your suppliers.

  • building thermography
    Building Thermography

    Building Thermography

    Save money doing thermographic building inspections by using a high performance infrared camera and expert software.

  • thermal imaging in chemical industry
    Chemical Industry

    Chemical Industry

    Systematically control reactive process heat and display with infrared camera systems of InfraTec.

  • thermal imaging in electronics
    Electronics & Electrical Engineering

    Electronics & Electrical Engineering

    Measure temperature distributions of smallest electronic components with infrared cameras.

  • thermal imaging for environmental studies
    Environmental Studies

    Environmental Studies

    Look for smallest temperature differences in landscapes, biotopes and labs using infrared camera models of highest measurement precision.

  • thermal imaging in glass industry
    Glass Industry

    Glass Industry

    Measure correctly temperature distributions behind and on glass by using selected spectral filters.

  • thermal imaging to inspect electrical installations
    Inspection of Electrical Installations

    Inspection of Electrical Installations

    Search electrical installations or high-voltage nets with infrared camera systems for dangerous hotspots.

  • thermal imaging for predictive maintenance
    Inspection of Mechanical Assemblies

    Inspection of Mechanical Assemblies

    Thermography reveals irregularities in heating of mechanical components in time.

  • Thermal imaging of a horse


    Infrared camera systems help you to efficiently diagnose multiple illnesses with high certainty.

  • thermal imaging in metallurgy


    Efficiently reduce the energy consumption of your metallurgic processes using infrared camera systems.

  • thermal imaging to inspect phovoltaic installations
    Photovoltaic Inspection

    Photovoltaic Inspection

    Take advantage of thermography in order to visualise defects on existing and running photovoltaic installations.

  • thermal imaging for asset inspections
    Plant Inspection

    Plant Inspection

    Using infrared camera systems and thermographic software by InfraTec will make you more efficient and more productive.

  • thermal imaging in plastic industry
    Plastics Industry

    Plastics Industry

    Cost-efficiently control die-casting and extrusion processes by means of infrared camera systems.

  • thermal imaging for security tasks
    Security Applications

    Security Applications

    Observation tasks for applications like investigation, remote surveillance, border guard and the protection of critical infrastructure are great challenges for the related authorities. Powerful infrared cameras are getting more and more indispensable nowadays.

  • thermal imaging for thermal optimisation
    Thermal Optimisation

    Thermal Optimisation

    Identify possible problems already in the development phase well before serial production.

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