Sequence Editor

The sequence editor allows to manually or automatically select thermographic data from complex thermal image series as well as to filter image series. These may be stored in the raw image material with respective comments or be reconstructed on their basis.

Thermographic Software IRBIS® 3 - Sequence Editor

Macro Editor

Extensive sets of commands can be summarized by the user into a macro without any special programming skills. Complexe and repetitive analysis processes can therefore be performed in a timesaving and automated way.

Thermographic Software IRBIS® 3 - Macro Editor
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Thermographic Software IRBIS® 3 - AVI Generator

AVI Generator

This module of the thermographic software IRBIS® 3 permits the automatic export of thermal image series or several single images into descriptive AVI movies. It is also possible to define a partial area of the thermogram, which is designated by the user, for the AVI export. The thereby gained sequences can be played on any commercial media player.

Thermographic Software IRBIS® 3 mosaic

IRBIS® 3 mosaic

Should a measuring scenario consist of several individual images, IRBIS® 3 mosaic will help you to produce quickly and easily a combined image. The software will automatically look for places of geometric overlapping and will put them together. The thermogram resulting therefrom can further be analysed with all its measured data.