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Dear readers,

In times like these, when people are moving closer together again in their thoughts and are looking for solutions together to preserve the lives of as many as possible, we become aware again of the contribution our products make to society. Pyroelectric detectors from InfraTec can be found in a wide variety of applications. Most of them have one central theme – people‘s lives.

Starting with the desire to improve life, such as the safe laser treatment of scars. Furthermore, saving lives by diagnosing diseases such as Helicobacter pylori, a very common bacterium in China, which can cause stunted growth in children. Including the discovery of fires thanks to the flame sensors, which warn of danger to life and limb in good time. And finally for preserving life by increasing road safety by means of breath alcohol tests suitable for the masses. To do justice to this mission in terms of the preservation of life, we develop and manufacture detectors of the highest quality.

Factors such as high detectivity, long-term stability, short reaction times and low sensitivity to external interference are important for the correct and safe functionality of our customers‘ end products. They rely on our development work, manufacturing skills and technical support. We are also responding to the current situation of the corona pandemic with our ability to react flexibly to customer requirements. Thanks to the expanded production capacities that we were able to achieve with the expansion of our cleanroom, it is possible for us to make our contribution to the sharply increased global demand for detectors, which are needed for ventilation technology, among other things.

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Cleanroom Expansion by 30% Enables Significantly Higher Production Capacity

The new building and thus the expansion of the cleanroom at the headquarters in Dresden to 1,600 m² has been completed. The next milestone - the renovation and restructuring of the existing cleanroom and the cleanroom area of the R&D department has also been completed. This means that the development now has more space available. Transitions to different cleanroom levels as well as to the newly designed break rooms and cloakrooms complete the new concept.

InfraTec Sensor Division - Cleanroom

In order to meet the increasing demand for sensor products, fully automatic machines have been gradually purchased and old ones replaced. This involves an automatic semiconductor saw with double spindle for sawing wafer materials, other automatic chipbonders and more powerful machines for wire bonding and IR filter mounting. The coating systems for different applications have also been renewed. In parallel with these implementations, a modern working environment with improved working conditions h Branch office in UK, Birmingham as been created.

InfraTec Detector LRM-274 - Picture credits: © / 177242162 adr


Intervenes Before it Gets Hot

The latest member of our miniaturised multi-channel detectors has its very own personality. As a specialist for flame sensors, the LRM-274 intervenes before it gets hot. Always alert, the four-channel detector effectively uses its symmetrical field of view of over 90° in combination with a compact design and attractive prices. 

  • A compact housing: Diameter of just 15.2 mm
  • Large aperture: 8.5 × 8.5 mm2
  • Large pyroelectric chips with 2 x 2 mm2 per channel for maximum performance
  • Extremely high detectivity of 6.0E+ 08 cm√Hz/W
  • Particularly small IR narrow band filters of 2.85 x 2.85 mm2
  • Thermally compensated for long-term stability



InfraTec Sensor Division - Asclepion Laser - Picture credits: © / 1132827504 enes evren
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Scars Fade Thanks to Laser Treatment

Diseases such as chickenpox and acne leave scars that can affect a person for a lifetime. Thanks to dermatological lasers, these can be removed gently and safely without anaesthesia or just with local anaesthetic, even from the face.

InfraTec Sensor Division - Measuring the breath alcohol concentration 1
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A New Generation for Measuring Breath Alcohol

Alcohol is the most frequent cause of death in road traffic accidents and 20% of work-related accidents are caused by alcohol. According to the WHO, about three million people die worldwide each year from alcohol consumption – that is more than from AIDS, violence and road accidents combined.

InfraTec Sensor Division - Helicobacter - Picture credits: © / 482337236
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Take a Deep Breath

Half of the world‘s population is infected with the bacterium. Thanks to Beijing Richen-Force Science & Technology, Helicobacter pylori can now be reliably detected.