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The purpose of thermal imaging does not only implicate the acquisition of image data, it also deals with the analysis of gained measurement results putting them into practice. For this reason, InfraTec offers a wide range of efficient and user-friendly programmes for various applications and requirements. The centre of attention is, hereby, the fully scalable software family IRBIS® 3.

Software Family IRBIS® 3

IRBIS® 3 analysis software

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The latest version of the IRBIS® 3 thermographic software as well as corresponding manuals are available on our Customer Centre. There you can download the material as a registered user.

  • Thermal imaging software IRBIS 3 from InfraTec
    IRBIS® 3 Analysis Software

    IRBIS® 3 Analysis Software

    IRBIS® 3 represents a complete and convenient tool for the evaluation of your thermographic data. Multiple functions tailored to your particular needs help you work in a precise and efficient manner in order to achieve convincing report and analysis results.

  • Thermal imaging software IRBIS 3 from InfraTec
    IRBIS® 3 Expansion Modules

    IRBIS® 3 Expansion Modules

    Facilitate your work through software modules automating your work stages or selecting most essential thermograms from large sequences.

  • Thermal imaging software IRBIS 3 from InfraTec - Picture Credits: © / from2015
    IRBIS® 3 Control and Acquisition Software

    IRBIS® 3 Control and Acquisition Software

    Control your infrared camera directly from the computer and acquire data of to-be-monitored processes synchronically.

  • Thermal imaging software IRBIS report - Picture Credits: © / JohnnyGreig
    IRBIS® 3 report

    IRBIS® 3 report

    The stand-alone thermography software IRBIS® 3 report enables time efficient report generation by using variable templates and assists you in solving everyday thermographic jobs professionally with a minimum in time and effort.

  • Thermographic Software IRBIS active
    IRBIS® 3 active

    IRBIS® 3 active

    The active thermography software IRBIS® 3 by InfraTec is a modern and universally usable tool for thermographic material testing.

  • Thermographic Software FORNAX 2 from InfraTec - Picture Credits: © / nikada
    FORNAX 2

    FORNAX 2 - Building Thermography Software

    Building thermography requires profound knowledge on structural physics which is integral part in this special software supporting you achieve well-founded reports and analyses.

  • Thermographic Software - Software Development Kit (SDK) - Picture credits: © Pexels / sabrina gelbar
    SDK Integration

    SDK Integration for Online and Offline Applications

    InfraTec’s powerful SDK (Software Development Kit) offers best conditions for a convenient integration info existing systems. 

  • Solar Power Tower Check - Software Master Main Display
    Thermographic automated solutions

    Software Toolbox for Automation Solutions

    The software for thermography automation solutions from InfraTec can be precisely adapted to the individual requirements of the measurement situation and integrated into existing system environments.

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