Slag Detection System with LW Infrared Camera for Highest Detection Reliability

Steel and slag have different features with regard to radiation physics in the infrared spectral range. Thus, by means of an infared camera, it is possible to determine without any contact and in real time which of both materials is the current main constituent of the tapping, respectively the deslagging stream coming out of the converter or an electric furnace. For this purpose, the relevant process is constantly monitored with an infared camera whose sensitivity range involves a long-wave infrared range of (8 ... 12) µm. In this wavelength range appears the highest contrast between steel and slag resulting in the best possible selectivity on material detection.

Software interface - Non-contact slag detection with infrared thermography
Thermographic automation for slag detection

Suitable for Manual as well as Automatic Plant Operation

Independent of extended opportunities of an integrated automatic image evaluation, slag proportions in the VIS image will be highlighted in a different colour hue contrasting the rest of the infrared image (such as steel and image background). Thus, in case of manual operation, the smelter may detect slag parts due to the tapping's green colouring and is able to react according to technological specifications. Moreover, integrated evaluation algorithms provide an extended opportunity on an operator-independent reaction on automatically detected slag occurrence. In order to stop tapping immediately or at a specific delay time, a slag stopper, respectively the converter tilting backwards can be ensured via a direct signal to the process control system.

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Tapping in steel production

SLAG-DETECT – Applicable for BOF Tapping Operation as well as EAF and Deslagging

Apart from its main application for BOF operation, using SLAG-DETECT can be very useful and advisable under other technological conditions of steel production. Thus, in many cases, it is possible to control the tapping at EAF systems (depending on their construction) with the help of infrared camera technology.In the same way, SLAG-DETECT has proved successful at numerous installations on tasks to be carried out in a reversed manner, the detection of steel during deslagging, and contributes to optimum material utilisation and high operational safety by avoiding the overstraining of the ladle's material. Being equipped with high-performance infrared camera technology adapted to harsh operating conditions in industry, SLAG-DETECT represents a reliable instrument ensuring product quality while making full use of the converter's capacity in the best possible way. Its flexible system configuration allows the integration into installations with different degrees of automation - starting from manual operation displaying the ongoing process in real time up to a fully automatic control of the converter's tilt angle during tapping.

Infrared Cameras for SLAG-DETECT