IR-based Detection of Elevated Body Temperature for Coronavirus, SARS, Ebola

Use Infrared Cameras for Temperature Scanning

Major travel hubs like airports, seaports, railway stations and long-distance bus stations are one of the points on which the security measures of public authorities are aimed when infectious diseases such as

  • Coronavirus (2019-nCoV, COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2)
  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
  • Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)
  • Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

cause global problems. From there, diseases can be effectively prevented from spreading further.

InfraTec infrared cameras can be used for a corresponding elevated body temperature scanning of passengers. Certainly, thermographic cameras can neither detect the virus itself nor a person carrying the virus! However, these cameras enable the precise non-reactive, contactless and planar recording of surface temperatures while using the technical temperature measurement technology known as thermography. Hence, they are highly suitable for the quick and easy detection of elevated body temperatures, which can be an indication of a possible virus infection of people subjected to screening.

The body temperature preferably is detected at the inner angle of the eye with the infrared camera. Slightest differences and thus abnormal body temperatures can be displayed and will result in alarms. Performing such health screenings, e.g. via implementing temperature checkpoints, enable the acquisition of important information as a basis for decision-making for subsequent medical examinations of the selected people and thus serve to secure public areas.

Such indications must, of course, always be followed by other examination methods that allow a reliable positive or negative statement about the disease and to initiate appropriate actions!

Medicine - Thermography health measures - Picture credits: © Adobestock / annamoskvina

THERMAL-CHECK from InfraTec – Thermography System for the Detection of Elevated Body Temperature

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Infrared Cameras are not medical diagnostic instruments for fever detection but technical measuring devices for temperature scanning of people

The term "detecting a fever" in the sense of a (medical) fever diagnosis is actually not permitted as a designation for the above-mentioned thermographic recording of elevated body temperatures with thermal cameras under strict observation: One reason is that fever is a complex medical phenomenon. The other reason is that, from a purely formal point of view, the cameras used are "only" technical measuring devices and not medical diagnostic instruments.

Advantages of Using Infrared Cameras for Elevated Body Temperature Screening of People

InfraTec provides complete, ready to use solutions tailored to the detection of elevated body temperature. The infrared cameras offer high thermal and spatial resolution making them faster and more reliable than those using low resolution. The thermal camera combined with our application specific software, display and control computer and a tripod is all you need to get you started.

These Thermographic Solutions Include Package-dependent:

  • Infrared cameras of the series VarioCAM® High Definition, VarioCAM® HDx
  • Thermography software THERMAL-CHECK
  • Accessories for a direct start
  • Comprehensive InfraTec service

Further Information about THERMAL-CHECK from InfraTec

Download the whitepaper to get further information about THERMAL-CHECK.



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Advantages of Temperature Scanning with Infrared Cameras from InfraTec

  • Contactless and planar temperature measurement without external reference radiator
  • Parallel checking of multiple people is possible, faces at different heights (children for example)
  • In the selectable automatic mode the system will automatically detect if a person is facing the camera and take a measurement of the body temperature
  • Resolution also of smaller areas of the skin (angle of the eye) from a safe distance
  • Up to ± 0.3 K measurement accuracy due to adjustable temperature difference thresholds using the reference image algorithm of the THERMAL-CHECK software
  • Excellent thermal resolution of up to 0.02 K
  • Display and evaluation in real time
  • Reliable temperature measurements based on low noise infrared detectors and precision calibration
  • Alarming at surpassing temperature thresholds
  • Storage of individual settings for detection of elevated body temperature
  • Easily installable all-in-one unit for continuous monitoring of persons and groups of people
  • Solutions for stationary and handheld use available
  • Fitting to larger external digital displays via HDMI*

Achieve Reliable Measurement Results for Detection of Elevated Body Temperature

The thermographic temperature measurement for detection of elevated body temperature puts high demands on suitable thermal cameras: In addition to a high thermal resolution, which can make even the smallest temperature differences visible, there must be very good stability and measuring accuracy in order to be able to reliably distinguish a person with an elevated body temperature from a person without these symptoms using critical temperature thresholds and alarm values.

Another very important criterion is the required high geometric resolution, which is expressed in the number of so-called infrared (IR) pixels. This is necessary because the area that has been proven in several studies to be suitable for reliably detecting elevated body temperature at the inner eyelid angle has only a small surface area, but must be sharply mapped for error-free temperature measurement.

The measurement itself takes less than a second and is usually carried out in access areas, for example at the entry control at airports, where the people who are to be screened are already lined up. Largely determined by the wide-ranging requirements of the users, the evaluation of the measured data can range from simple manual use to select people with elevated body temperature for further examinations to automatic detection and storage.

InfraTec THERMAL-CHECK - Thermography health measurement

Punctual measurement at the inner corner of the eye

Comfortable Software Package THERMAL-CHECK

Besides the infrared camera, application-specific software also plays an important role. The THERMAL-CHECK software of InfraTec offers all the functionality needed for the detection of elevated body temperature in various scenarios and is still intuitively usable. It reliably determines the small area of the human face where reliable body temperature determination is possible.

  • Automatic optical and optionally acoustic alarm
  • Algorithm-based measurement accuracy of to ± 0.3 K
  • Convenient camera remote control
  • Individual configurations of alarms and external information displays or monitors
  • “Anonymous mode“ selectable for data protection
InfraTec THERMAL-CHECK - Thermography health measurement

Temperature in the range of the alarm setpoint

The screening will start automatically. As soon as a (test) person’s face is in the marked area (inner green frame), the measurement is performed.

InfraTec THERMAL-CHECK - Thermography health measurement

Temperature above the alarm set point

The result part of the screen will turn red and depending on your configuration additional audio-visual alarms may be triggered.

Infrared Cameras for Temperature Screening

InfraTec – Specialist for Infrared and Thermal Imaging Technology

InfraTec has been developing, producing and selling modern infrared technology for more than 25 years now. In addition to thermographic cameras, this includes turnkey thermographic automation solutions, infrared precision lenses, OEM components, software and a wide range of accessories. With more than 30 sales partners, the Dresden-based company is one of the world's leading suppliers of commercial thermography and thermal imaging systems. This enables customers to solve even the most demanding measurement and testing tasks in areas such as process optimization, quality assurance, research and development and material testing. In addition, InfraTec offers users a comprehensive range of services. This includes, for example, expert advice on the selection of technology, a calibration service and personnel training on the introduction of thermal imaging technology.

*optional, depending on model