Active Thermography in Non-destructive Testing

Energy excitation of a test object generates a heat flow that leads to temperature changes on its surface, which can be detected with highly sensitive infrared cameras. Based on the temporal course of these temperature changes, conclusions can be drawn about the material properties and condition of the test object. Active thermography, in combination with high-resolution camera technology and suitable analysis algorithms, allows the detection of even the smallest defects.

During this process, the test object remains intact and can be used for further tests or improved if necessary. Active thermography is a very efficient non-destructive testing method that allows rapid analysis of even large-area test objects made of a wide variety of materials.

Training "Active Thermography in NDT: Advantages, Challenges, Opportunities"

We would like to familiarise you with active thermography in as clear a manner as possible, and in doing so, tie in directly with your experiences.

  • Theoretical basics of active thermography
  • Equipment technology of active thermography
  • Image data acquisition and evaluation
  • Task analysis, test strategy
  • Practical execution of the examination

Upcoming Seminar Date

  • 27. September 2022 09:00–16:00: Online Event

Note on the Event

The seminar will take place as an online event and will be delivered via GoTo Webinar. You will receive all details after registering for the event.


The detailed agenda and further details of the seminar will follow shortly.