Thermography – Measurement of Smallest Temperature Details

The vast majority of biologic processes only result in small temperature difference as they are always connected to a rather high energy consumption organisms try to avoid. Likewise, hydrological and geophysical anomalies within the thermal spectrum come with only lower thermal signatures.

InfraTec offers infrared camera models which suit the resulting demands in thermal resolution and thereby, guarantee for usable results of your studies. For instance, you can most precisely follow the thermal day cycles of plants which can lead to new results when monitoring the reaction of biotopes to external stress.

Case Studies about Thermography in Environmental Studies

InfraTec & KWS Saat - Thermography in Plant Research ©KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA
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The Seeds of the Future

Environmental conditions today often tend towards extremes. Many areas are very humid and wet, while others are predominantly dry. Particularly in the second case, cultivating raw materials such as grain, beet or maize is a challenge. A challenge that KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA is facing. As part of its plant research, the company uses the VarioCAM® HD head 900 infrared camera from InfraTec to analyse the behaviour of plants during drought stress and pest infestation.

InfraTec & Highland Helicopters - Aerial Fire Mapping ©Highland Helicopters Dunedin, New Zealand
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Catching Fire – Aerial Fire Mapping

Wildfires are a permanent threat for several regions around the world – and the global climate change is adding to the number and severity of these events. Fighting them is a huge challenge, strong winds, heat and inaccessibility make it even more difficult and dangerous for those who risk their life to protect others. One approach to tackle wildfires is the usage of airborne fire mapping. Highland Helicopters is a service company which added this task to their portfolio, as wildfires on New Zealand´s South Island happened right at their front door. On board is the VarioCAM® HD head 800 from InfraTec.

thermal imaging for climate research
Thermography for Climate Research

Thermography for Climate Research

Climate research is one of the most exposed types of academic research these days. With the continuous discussion about extreme weather events and long-term implications of human-made climate factors the related science has become a part of everyone´s daily life.

Study of bats - Picture credits: © / fermate
Monitoring of bats with VarioCAM®-series

Thermography for Environmental Studies

In order to protect bat populations firstly their ecology has to be understood but it can be very difficult to study the small, nocturnal mammals in the wild. Infrared thermography offers solutions to many of the problems faced by bat ecologists.

Uninterrupted Surveillance of Animal Behaviour

thermal imaging of a lava flow

The behaviour of animals can easily be tracked by visual cameras. But those cameras also just easily come to their limits. Additional light or activation sources for using visual surveillance technologies would be needed. But those will also interfere with the biological behaviour of animals. An infrared camera helps here as it allows to monitor even during absolute darkness. Beside of this you will also be able to detect perfectly camouflaged animals as their camouflage normally works in the visible spectrum only. Thereby for instance airborne countings of populations will become feasible using an infrared camera.

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Publications of our Customers

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Tree species diversity affects canopy leaf temperatures in a mature temperate forest

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Tree surface temperature in an urban environment

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Estimating soil hydraulic properties from infrared measurements of soil surface temperatures and TDR data

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Quantum cascade laser–based hyperspectral imaging of biological tissue

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Thermal imaging reveals massive heat accumulation in flowers across a broad spectrum of alpine taxa

Infrared camera: VarioCAM® series

Thermal canopy photography in forestry - an alternative to optical cover photography

Infrared camera: VarioCAM® series

Application Specific Lens Solutions Offer Optimal Resolution-FOV Ratio

InfraTec offers a wide range of interchangeable lenses for its infrared camera models being configurable with highly resolving detectors. Thereby the ratio between detail resolution and size of field of view can be set in the best way for your specific needs. For example you can measure temperatures of smallest animals using microscopic lenses as well as the full width of landscapes by applying wide-angle lenses. For images taken from planes, UAVs or helicopters a variety of telephoto lenses are available for you, too.

Flight thermography

Gimbal Systems for Helicopter Mounting

InfraTec offers various infrared camera systems for fixed mount use in airplanes as well as for integration into precision gimbals. Thereby, the infrared camera can be exactly positioned within a µrad range to track automatically. A handy remote control allows for camera operation directly via the control of the gimbal.

Gimbals, or gyro-stabilized platforms, have been used for many years as very effective systems for airborne thermography in the inspection of high-voltage power lines, pipelines and industrial plants, as well as in the search for energy and material pollution.

Due to their high-precision stabilization, images of distant objects can be accurately captured despite movement of the airborne vessel carrying the gimbal. Integrated into the gimbal are cameras for both, the visible (visual camera) and in the infrared spectrum (infrared camera), a laser rangefinder and laser target designators.

Gimbal for helicopter mount

Infrared Cameras for Environmental Studies