Wide Range of Products Offers Most Suitable Aerial Thermography Solution for Specific Application

Based on your specific needs of the object or area to be measured InfraTec will configurate the matching combination out of infrared camera systems, lenses, software and accessories. Both cooled infrared cameras of the ImageIR® series and uncooled devices from our VarioCAM® High Definition series with high frame rates can be applied.

Infrared Camera Systems of InfraTec with High Pixel Count and Special Lenses Will Display Smallest Details On the Ground

Aerial thermography with infrared camera

The high geometrical resolution of the available infrared camera systems allows for the detection of small details from a big height. Like this for instance animals can be surveyed without disturbing them in their normal behaviour. Also in predictive maintenance advantages come up. For instance power transmission lines can be monitored from a helicopter despite of their small thickness. The wide range of available special lenses additionally adds to positive measurement results.

Case Studies for Airborne Thermography

InfraTec & Highland Helicopters - Aerial Fire Mapping ©Highland Helicopters Dunedin, New Zealand
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Catching Fire – Aerial Fire Mapping

Wildfires are a permanent threat for several regions around the world – and the global climate change is adding to the number and severity of these events. Fighting them is a huge challenge, strong winds, heat and inaccessibility make it even more difficult and dangerous for those who risk their life to protect others. One approach to tackle wildfires is the usage of airborne fire mapping. Highland Helicopters is a service company which added this task to their portfolio, as wildfires on New Zealand´s South Island happened right at their front door. On board is the VarioCAM® HD head 800 from InfraTec.

Catching the Fire – Aerial Fire Mapping in New Zealand

Wildfires are a permanent threat for several regions around the world. One approach to tackle them is the usage of airborne fire mapping. It offers a unique elevated perspective on remote fires to those who have to organise firefighting ground activities. For this, our partner Highland Helicopters uses the LWIR thermal imaging camera VarioCAM® HD head from InfraTec, integrated into a GIMBAL system outside the helicopter.

Dem Feuer auf der Spur – Flugthermografie in Neuseeland

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Publications of our Customers

Die Luftnummer - Wildtierzählung aus der Vogelperspektive (with kind permission from the "Deutsche Jagdzeitung" issue 1/2011); language: German

Infrared camera: VarioCAM® series

Optimized Data Acquisition with the IGI DigiTHERM Thermal Camera System

Infrared cameras in airborne remote sensing: IR-Imagery for photogrammetric processing at German Aerospace Center DLR, Berlin

Infrared cameras: ImageIR® 8300 and ImageIR® 8800

Complex Data Acquisition and Storage Provides for Easy Analysis

Thermal images and sequences of infrared camera systems can be further enhanced by other data. The tools from the software family IRBIS® 3 allow for instance to include images by fast high-resolution cameras in the visible spectrum or GPS data. Thereby also thermal images can be analysed much easier. Also automated tools for reduction of large amounts of data will add to this handling support.

Aerial thermography with infrared camera
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It is not unusual for tasks to be associated with special requirements. Discuss your specific application needs with our specialists, receive further technical information or learn more about our additional services.

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Gimbal Systems for Helicopter Mounting

InfraTec offers various infrared camera systems for fixed mount use in airplanes as well as for integration into precision gimbals. Thereby, the infrared camera can be exactly positioned within a µrad range to track automatically. A handy remote control allows for camera operation directly via the control of the gimbal.

Gimbals, or gyro-stabilized platforms, have been used for many years as very effective systems for airborne thermography in the inspection of high-voltage power lines, pipelines and industrial plants, as well as in the search for energy and material pollution.

Due to their high-precision stabilization, images of distant objects can be accurately captured despite movement of the airborne vessel carrying the gimbal. Integrated into the gimbal are cameras for both, the visible (visual camera) and in the infrared spectrum (infrared camera), a laser rangefinder and laser target designators.

Gimbal for helicopter mount

Infrared Cameras for Aerial Thermography